The Application of HKSAR Passport

1. Who are eligible

According to Article 154 of the Basic Law of the Hongkong SAR of the PRC, the Hongkong SAR passports are issued to all Chinese citizens who hold permanent identity cards of the Region, and travel documents of the HKSAR are issued to all other persons lawfully residing in the Region.

2. How to apply for the HKSAR passports overseas

An overseas applicant may apply for the SAR passport from Chinese embassy, consulate-general or consulate in a foreign country, or directly contact the Immigration Department of the HKSAR.

The applicant may choose to file his application in person, or by mail. In whatever cases, the applicant should go to the embassy, consulate or the Immigration Department in person at least once and submit the original copies of all the supporting documents for check.

3. Application procedures

a. Fill in application forms (obtainable at the embassy or consulate). Applicant 16 years of age or over should complete the form ID843. Form ID844 is for children under 16 years.

b. Prepare photographs. Applicant should enclose 3 identical recent color photos. For detailed requirements for the photos, please contact the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate.

c. Fill in the form of payment (ID853) and pay the fees (see Table of Payment for Chinese Passports and Travel Documents )

4. Documents required when submitting an overseas application to the Chinese embassy or consulate--general

a. one photostat copy of the Hong Kong permanent identity card. If an applicant has the right of abode in the HKSAR but has no Hong Kong permanent identity card, he /she should also apply for a Hong Kong permanent identity card at the same time as he/she apply for a HKSAR passport. Further information on permanent identity card registration is contained in the Notes for Guidance Application for Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card by a person of the age of 18 or over/under the age of 18 Resident Overseas (ROP143A/ROP144A) obtainable from any Chinese embassy /consulate-general.

b. For children between 16 to 18 years of age, photostat copies of the consenting parent/legal guardian's identity card/travel document and proof of relationship between the child and parent/legal guardian are required. If the application is made with the consent of the father, photostat copy the parents' marriage certificate or court order is also required to prove that the father is the legal guardian of the applicant.

c. For children under the 16 years of age, the application should be made by parents /legal guardian with the required photostat copies of the parent/legal guardia's identity card or travel document and proof of the relationship between the child and parent/legal guardian. If the application is made by the father, photostat copy of the parents' marriage certificate or court order is also required to prove that the farther is the legal guardian of the child.

d. For children under the 11 years of age, besides the documents mentioned above for those under 16 years of age, photostat copy of school document bearing the name, date of birth and a photograph of the child or completed counter signatory form will be required to confirm the identity of the child.

e. For those who has never held Hong Kong identity card including Hong Kong permanent identity card and Hong Kong non-permanent identity card, photostat copy of concerned document bearing photograph is required to prove the identity of the applicant.

f. If an applicant is born outside China (or Honkong SAR), the applicant himself or his parent or his legal guardian should complete the auxiliary application form for the HKSAR passport (obtainable from Chinese embassy or consulate) and submit relevant supporting documents to the Immigration Department for check.

g. All photostat copies submitted should be clearly made on A4 size (210mm×297mm) paper and will not be returned.

5. How to collect the passport

HKSAR Immigration Department usually takes 2 months to examine the eligibility of the applicant. When the Chinese embassy/consulate-general receives the passport posted by HKSAR Immigration Department, they will inform the applicant to collect the passport personally or post the HKSAR passport to the applicant according to the address.

6. How to deal with the previous travel document after receiving a HKSAR passport

The CI should be canceled by the Chinese embassy/consulate-general and the canceled CI may be returned to the applicant when the HKSAR passport is being collected. The BNO passport held by the applicant need not be recalled or canceled.

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